My name is Heather, and I’m most definitely a word nerd. My addiction to learning new things has helped me earn both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, and I just can’t seem to stop reading!

Somewhat eclectic in my employment choices, over the years I’ve worked at a garden centre long enough to distinguish pansies from parsley, at a wildlife rehabilitation centre long enough to learn exactly how hard gulls can bite, and as a freelance writer long enough to know that I’ve truly found my passion.

I’m surprisingly clumsy, can’t stand watching televised sports, and when cooking have genuine trouble sticking to a recipe. I love hiking, kayaking, and all things artsy crafty. I generally feel that any time spent out on the water or deep in the woods is a pretty good deal.

I love my home here on the West Coast, and nothing makes me happier than sharing the magic of this special place with others. Thanks for stopping by – I hope you like it here.

Heather Schmitt

Offering My Slant on West Coast Life