Ask Away! 10 Key Vancouver Island Forums

If you’ve got a particular outdoor activity in mind, sometimes the best thing to do before heading out is ask advice or snag some tips from the local experts. Here are a few suggestions for Vancouver Island discussion forums covering various outdoor adventures and activities. If you’re wondering about trail conditions in a particular area, or looking for a great kayaking destination, these are some great places to start.

  1. Kayaking Vancouver Island

    Outdoor Life on Vancouver Island

    Vibrant Victoria – Discussion portal for pretty much any aspect of life on southern Vancouver Island

  2. ClubTread – Discussion forum for hiking advice on sites around Vancouver Island
  3. Island Hikes – Forum focusing on Vancouver Island back-country hiking trails and equipment
  4. Birding in British Columbia – Active Vancouver Island sub-forum with lots of knowledgeable birders
  5. BCVIBIRDS – Yahoo Group with lots of discussion on Vancouver Island birds and birding
  6. West Coast Paddler – Forum offering kayaking resources, advice, and trip information
  7. BC BoatNet – Resource forum for Western Canada boating, including Vancouver Island and area
  8. British Columbia Geocaching Association – Vancouver Island sub-forum for all things geogaching in the area
  9. Vancouver Island Mountain Biking – Discussion forum on mountain biking rides and trail conditions on the Island
  10. Citizen Canine Dog Forum  – Resource forum for dog owners, including recommended walks and off-leash areas

Hopefully these discussion forums will get you started planning your next West Coast adventure, and help you connect with some knowledgeable Vancouver Islanders in the process. If you’ve found some great resources for outdoor information on the Island, please share them in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Ask Away! 10 Key Vancouver Island Forums

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  2. One of our favorite family vacations was a visit to Whistler and the city of Vancouver a couple of summers ago. Sadly, we didn’t have the time to visit the gorgeous Vancouver Island!! Happy to have come across your blog so I can see first hand the beauty that we missed. I vow to return!! Beautiful blog…

    • Thanks for your kind words, Elisa! I’m sorry you missed visiting the Island your last trip out – the mainland is beautiful too, but there’s something special about being on the rock! I hope you manage to make your way back one day, but thanks for checking out my blog in the meantime!
      Heather 🙂

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